Perhaps the best restaurant in Bukovel

A good (quality) rest should be tasty! “Chalet Du Mont” Hotel is pleased to offer its guests the services of a restaurant situated on the ground floor of our complex. Incredibly delicious, and the main fact, healthy food will delight the true connoisseurs of healthy, exquisite dishes.


What does the restaurant offer?

The rest in Bukovel at the “Chalet Du Mont” Hotel is a vacation with a capital letter «V»! The restaurant’s kitchen becomes the same zest without which the complex would not be able to become popular and recognized among the holiday-makers.

Exclusively professional cooks who are graduated specialists and have considerable experience are hard at work for the benefit of the visitors. Exclusively fresh foodstuffs are used to prepare incredibly delicious, always appetizing dishes.

We offer:

  • menu worthy of attention of even the most demanding gourmets;
  • excellent service;
  • comfortable atmosphere.

In the restaurant you have the opportunity not only to eat delicious dishes, but also to relax, get away from the bustle and enjoy the taste of culinary masterpieces created by our cooks. The restaurant at the “Chalet Du Mont” Hotel is an area of delicious dishes, smiling, always friendly staff and harmony.