Arrival: after 14-00 hours.
Departure: until 11-00 o’clock.

Minimum reservation period: 2 days

Terms of prepayment:
In order to confirm their reservation, the Guest must make a prepayment of 50% of the total cost of the reservation. In case of cancellation of the reservation or in case of no-show, a penalty in the amount of 50 (fifty) percent of the prepayment made earlier will be charged.

Rules of settlement of the Guests, estimated time:
Guests check-in is carried out from 14:00 to 20:00 on the day of arrival local time;

Guests check out until 11:00 am on the day of departure local time.

Early check-in and late check-out are subject to availability and are subject to a surcharge. Departure of guests after 11:00 is considered late and is paid by the hour. If the Guest stays more than 5 hours, then the accommodation fee will be charged in the amount of the full room rate per night.

When checking into the hotel, payment for accommodation is charged in the amount of 100% of the room rate for the entire period of the booked days. The final payment for accommodation is made at the Hotel, upon check-in. In case of premature departure of the Guests from the Hotel, the remaining amount (paid days of stay) is not refundable. Hotel services at the discretion of the Guest can be paid in cash or by card.

Upon arrival, the guest presents an identity document (passport or driver’s license), fills out a registration card and pays the full cost of the hotel stay. In case of early departure of guests from the hotel, the remaining amount (paid days of stay) is not refundable. Hotel services at the discretion of the Guest can be paid in cash or by card.

Breakfast in our hotel in summer is served from 08-30 to 10-30, and in winter from 07-30 to 10-30. The restaurant is open until 23-00 hours, and the kitchen takes orders until 21-30 hours. It is forbidden to bring your food and alcoholic beverages to the restaurant.

Upon check-in, the guest should be aware that in case of damage, improper condition or destruction of any property in the room (breaking glasses, lamps, glass, damage to furniture, hair dryer, TV, remotes, burning sofas, carpets, towel contamination to such a condition that they can not be removed), the Guest must compensate for damages at the value of the damaged property.

When leaving the room, do not forget to close the water taps and get the key card from the energy saver.
The hotel has a specially equipped ski room where you can leave your ski equipment and sledges. It is forbidden to bring sports equipment to the hotel, restaurant and rooms. Also, in ski boots it is forbidden to enter any premises located in the hotel complex, except for the ski room.
Rooms are cleaned daily, or at the request of the Guest (sign on the door «Please clean», «Please do not disturb»).
On the day of eviction, the room keys must be handed over to the administrator at the reception, in case of loss of the room key, the payment of 100 hryvnias is deducted.

Your guests can visit you from 11:00 to 23:00, notifying the hotel.

1. Transfer the room keys to third parties.
2. Accommodation in the guest room without payment and registration of their stay in the hotel.
3. Leave minor children unattended in the room or on site.
4. Accommodation in a room with pets, birds, etc.
5. Store items that are easily engaged, explosives, toxic materials, drugs, mercury, weapons.
6. Use pyrotechnics, sparklers, candles in the rooms and on site.
7. Consumption of food and alcoholic beverages in the SPA center and on the territory where the vats are located.
8. Use electrical appliances in the room (except permitted).
9. Move furniture in rooms.
10. Inflict damage to hotel property.
11. Smoking in the room, lobby, premises of the complex and not designated places.
12. Throw garbage and cigarette butts out of the room windows.
13. Show aggression or actions that threaten the safety, health or property of others.
14. Bring or eat in the room products that could damage the property of the Hotel.
15. Dry ski equipment and clothes on batteries in the room.


1. Guests terminate their stay after the end of the paid period of stay.
2. If the Guest repeatedly violates the Rules of Accommodation, does not respond to the comments of the hotel, which leads to damage or inconvenience to other guests, the hotel has the right to refuse accommodation or terminate the stay of the Guest (eviction).
3. Accommodation is denied to those guests who are in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication.