Other services


Bicycles are available for rent.


Free use of the playground. Sandbox, slide, swing, trampoline …

Recreation and entertainment are always next to each other!

The rest at “Chalet Du Mont” gives Max a pleasure. You definitely will not have to get bored here. The hospitable, always polite staff is ready to answer all the questions and provide almost any services that may be of interest to tourists.

What kind of entertainment is waiting for you in Chalet Du Mont

The hotels in Bukovel are amazing! Chalet Du Mont is no exception, this is what it offers:

  1. For those who are not accustomed to stay in one place, a car rental service will become relevant. For such guests, the travels in the resort area, familiarization and acquaintance with new territories and local colour is one of the best entertainments!
  2. For a relaxing time spending in the evening, “Chalet Du Mont” offers to visit a pub. Drinking a glass of strong drink in a pleasant company of friends is a pleasant rest!
  3. The connoisseurs of the delicious food who want to pamper themselves with new dishes and enjoy the process of eating, are recommended visiting the restaurant at the hotel. A cosy atmosphere, a decent menu and always a friendly staff represent a suitable place for a relaxing pastime.